Anthony Davis Tweets about Hating the Lakers

Anthony Davis has been all over the sports news recently so people had to go through his old tweets. I think that is a written and official rule somewhere, because it happens every. single. time. (more on that later)

AD has just asked to be traded from the New Orleans Pelicans. The dramatic and self-righteous fan base that belongs to the LA Lakers think they already have this in the bag. Don’t let NBA Twitter fool you. I am surprised that they took time away from begging for retweets so they can get a jersey long enough to give their opinion on this. These fans actually think Anthony Davis isn’t even going to hear what any other team has to say.

This AD to LA trade is going to be a little harder than Lakers fans think for two reasons. First, the Pelicans have asked that the NBA enforce strict tampering rules (@LeBron, @MagicJohnson, @EntireLakersFrontOffice). Second, as it turns out, Anthony Davis has been pretty vocal about not liking the Lakers. In series of tweets from 2011, AD shows just how much he doesn’t like the organization.

Granted, this was back when he was in high school and not even at Kentucky yet, but athletes tend to hold opinions about teams for a very long time.

Am I reading into this wayyyyy to much? Sure. But why would a player who has disliked a team for so long, all of a sudden, want to make a career there?

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