BREAKING: Moon Out Indefinitely, Ambrose to Leave WWE?

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BREAKING: Ember Moon has revealed that she injured her elbow and is out “for awhile.” She revealed that it was injured pre-Royal Rumble and she really does not know how long she’ll be out.

This is a damn shame. Ember is one the best talents in the Women’s Division and her shot is just around the corner, especially with Ronda focusing on family after Wrestlemania. I hope she stays strong and her surgery goes to perfection, because she is a major role in the future of women in the WWE.

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Dean Ambrose to Leave the WWE

Well, this is a shock to be honest. After his shocking return last year, it has been announced that Dean is leaving the WWE in order to pursue other options, I assume. Dean has been a key figure in WWE ever since his arrival with the Shield. He is a one time WWE Championship holder as well as a 3 time Intercontinental, 2 time Raw Tag Team, one time US Champion and the 27th Triple Crown Champion and well as the 8th grand slam winner. Dean is an amazing talent. He won breakout star of the year, money in the bank, and was apart of the faction of the year in 2013 and 2014, the Shield.

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Seeing Dean go is just a shame, but I do not necessarily blame him. Look, let’s say it how it is. Dean deserves better. He deserves to be the one facing Brock, the one winning the Universal Championship, not Seth. Dean is one of the most talented acts that the WWE has and he has turned down every raise, contract extension they have tried to give him. He is sick of his storyline, the Lunatic fighting Rollins and he should be. It’s an old gimmick and it was used for the sole purpose to push Rollins over and he was used to push Reigns over, back when they brought back the Shield. I’m not saying he won’t stay, we all know he probably will, but how he is written should be changed. Dean should not be in the same position as Cena is, pushing over talent. Dean should be the talent, the Main Eventer. This will be something to keep an eye on as we head towards Wrestlemania.

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One thought on “BREAKING: Moon Out Indefinitely, Ambrose to Leave WWE?”

  1. I really hope Dean doesn’t leave, I just started watching wrestling properly again yesterday kinda, plus he’s one of my favorite wrestlers and i’d hate to see him go, but I also understand and agree with what you said on him deserving better then what he’s given. Dean to me is a great talent, he’s great overall and it would be a real shame if they wasted him, I hope WWE can come up with something better for him because he does deserve it, also I wish Amber Moon a speedy recovery, she’s another great talent and it sucks to hear she’s dealing with an injury, but again I do wish her well with her recovery.

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