LeBron’s Injury Is Worse Than We Thought

Last Christmas, instead of giving us his heart, LeBron gave us a heart attack. As he writhed in pain holding his groin area, we lost all hope in there ever being a non-Warriors NBA Champion.

Now, a lot of things get by us at Soft 7 Sports, but nothing ever in the sports world. Initial MRI tests showed that there was no structural damage to LeBron’s groin and James was listed as day-to-day on the injury report. I have heard of someone being day-to-day for a week or so, but never a whole month. Is LeBron more injured than the media is telling us? It makes me think there is a bigger conspiracy going on and I have a couple theories.

First, LeBron James asked the medical staff to list him as day-to-day to protect his legacy because he is much more injured than reports claim. If he had a major injury, people might actually start thinking that he is human. How is the greatest of all time going to look so vulnerable? MJ would never.

Second, LeBron doesn’t want to play the Warriors. He played the Warriors every year in the NBA Finals for roughly the last 60 years, I believe. They have all the film of him and how he plays against them in the regular season. They know exactly how to stop him… on the Cavs. This year, all they will have is just one mediocre half of him with the Lakers.

Third, he wants to see how good the Lakers actually are without him before the trade deadline. This is the most popular conspiracy theory. Apparently, he does not like what he sees. LA Real Estate agents have reported that Kawhi Leonard just dropped $13 million on an Los Angeles mansion. Stay tuned for some more big moves.


Regardless of when LeBron wants to give us a real time table for his return, get ready for another LBJ vs. Golden State playoff series.

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