Kendall Jenner Recruiting Ben Simmons to LA Lakers

According to reports, Kendall Jenner is trying to convince her boo, Ben Simmons to move out West when he gets the chance. Kendall is worth about 18 million dollars and Ben is around 75 million, but when you’re a rich, sexy, model where do you want to live, LA or Philadelphia? The answer is simple, everyone would prefer LA. I honestly do not blame Kendall at all. Philly fans hate her, in fact, they started a petition to remove her from their home games even though she sits with Simmons’ mom (adorbs). Yet, they let a man who skipped his probation hearing sit courtside and that soulless town couldn’t be prouder. It’s a real shame if you ask me.

If you want my honest opinion, I’d move to LA in a heartbeat. Philly fans are rough. Thousands of them signed a petition to remove Jenner from their stadium due to the “Kardashian/Jenner curse” but the 76ers are just a curse themselves. Does that mean they cancel out? Since 2013, the 76ers first round draft pick has either missed the entire season or has been injury plagued their entire career (Joel Embiid). A team that was expected to reach the conference finals last season, lost to the Celtics second round. “Trust the process” has not worked, unless trusting the process means disappointing everyone. In fact, they’re currently the 5th seed in the East.

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I am not a fan of the 76ers. I hate how dramatic they are; not just with Kendall either. First, Joel Embiid is an absolutely horrible person to idolize. Sorry, but I like my idols to have their legs and knees working and not missing seasons for it. Plus, he gets completely owned by Westbrook every time they play. Last year he waved at Russ during a game, just to be petty, THEN THEY LOST. They lost that game and at the end Russ waved at him… owned. Jimmy Butler is the closest thing to a teenage girl in the league. All we hear about is how he hates his team every single week and demands a trade. Markelle Fultz forgot how to shoot and it only took him 5 second opinions to finally get diagnosed with TOS. Then we come to Simmons, the only good part of the 76ers. He plays day in and day out, he was rookie of the year, and he is dating the hottest Kardashian/Jenner but only gets criticized for it. 

Simmons is ridiculed daily by Philly media, mainly because he won’t shoot threes, but also for Jenner. So much hate was thrown towards Kendall that Michael Rubin had to issue a statement to calm Simmons and say how awesome Kendall is. But, Kendall is booed every time she comes to stadium (do not fact check that), so why would they stay? For Kendall, the pitch should be easy. Everyone hates living in Philadelphia, so just tell him how warm and cozy LA is. Mention that he’ll have better title chances and get the opportunity to play with Lebron. Lastly, just tell him you want him to move in with you. If he doesn’t do that, he’s a real dumbass. Simmons is a free agent in the Summer of 2021, so if they’re still dating I’d expect them to move out West before then…but I mean, who wouldn’t move west for this?

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