A-Rod Thinks Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons Should Be in Hall of Fame

The MLB Hall of Fame Class of 2019 was absolutely star studded. Mike Mussina, Edgar Martinez and Roy Halladay (RIPIP) were all voted in along with Mariano Rivera who was the first person to ever be unanimously selected.

With every HOF selection there is always someone crying about how unfair the voting is and how lifetime cheaters got “robbed”. The debate used to be whether or not Pete Rose should be put on the ballot. As if time has made betting on games he was involved in any less of a disgrace. Now the argument has shifted to if we should vote in known steroid users like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons.

For some reason, people though it was a good idea to ask steroid users what they thought about this. That is like asking Devin Booker if Antonio Cromartie having multiple children with multiple women is okay. One of these geniuses decided to have Alex Rodriguez share his thoughts.

Take a wild guess at what A-Rod said. Not only does he want them to be in, but he admitted that it was solely because he want to be in someday as well. Gotta respect that kind of honesty.

Personally, I could care less about if they get into the Hall of Fame or not. I know taking steroids hurt the integrity of the game or whatever, but it’s just that, a game. I know what they did was wrong and considered cheating, but they did something that very few people have managed to do… make baseball watchable.

Author: Wic

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