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Greg Schiano to Accept Coaching Position on Patriots Staff

Much to my particular enjoyment, Greg Schiano was fired from Ohio State’s coaching staff. While I do not celebrate a man losing his job, I can be happy that I will not have to watch that man destroy OSU’s defense next season.

However, the rumors that he was being considered to go back to the NFL were true. The Patriots have not only made an offer to him, but have made it clear that he will be taking a “prominent role on the staff” at the end of the season.

While I view this as two evils uniting, I do hope the Patriots get worse from said hire. I do think he will raise the base of their defense, especially since their new DC they had for this season is garbage. I can’t wait to see what occurs during this period for the Patriots, but I am more happy that OSU can now move on from that time period. I cannot wait to see how their line performs next year, especially since there are now a lot of better coaches on the defensive side of the ball.

Go Bucks.

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