POLL: Is Tom Brady the GOAT?

Just like MJ vs. LeBron, everyone’s got their opinion when it comes to the question: is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time? When people argue the basketball GOAT, basketball fans at least give an alternative when they say either one isn’t the best. Jordan > LeBron for his championships. LeBron > Jordan for doing more with less. I don’t have a stance on it, because my Michael Jordan knowledge is limited to when he was on the Wizards and the Toon Squad.

When it comes to football, the argument of the GOAT is only about Tom Brady. We are one of the few blogs that have offered an alternative in Drew Brees. The argument is never “this person is better than Brady”; it is always Tom Brady versus his circumstances. Tom Brady wouldn’t have won without Bellichick, he is a system QB or he got bailed out by his kicker.

I do not have a stance on Tom Brady. I do think his team can take it down a notch with the whole underdog thing though. Brady is sort of the best of both worlds. He has the titles like Jordan AND he can also take the cast Kicking and Screaming (minus the Italians) to the finals like LeBron.

I will always have a special place in my heart for Peyton Manning, but I am willing to accept the results of the poll.

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