A Letter From A New Orleans Saints Fan


To the Refs and NFL league office,

I just would like to take a moment to express my utter disappointment in your inability to make the right call on that blatant pass interference on Tommylee Lewis. The man was literally mugged out there, cold clocked. It was as if I was watching WWE. That might have been one of the worst no calls to have ever happened in postseason history. It literally decided the game. I understand that the game went into overtime and the Saints had an opportunity to win it there, but the game should have never gone into overtime. If the right thing was done, the Saints would have had the ball on the 3 yard line with 1:48 left to go in the game, with the Rams only having 1 timeout, and a Saints 1st down. You completely took the NFC Championship game away from us. I have never seen such a call dictate the outcome of a game as much as that blown call did.

You took away much more than a NFC Championship away from this team and city, though. You took away Drew Brees being able to solidify his legacy before he retires; you took away the chance for this city to experience another Super Bowl; but worst of all, you took away all the potential revenue that come with your team being in the Super Bowl. All the money that would have been spent if the Saints were in the Super Bowl would have brought to this city and now will never be seen. You have single handedly effected the New Orleans economy and local businesses.

To the referees: I hope that this call haunts you for the rest of your lives. I hope you never find work again. I hope you never get that call about working another NFL game ever again, you bums. I hope every night you can’t fall asleep because you can’t stop thinking about how you took something away from the amazing people of the city of New Orleans.

All that being said, you can never break our spirits. New Orleans always comes back stronger than ever. You may have taken our chances at another Super Bowl, but there is something you can never take from this city… Mardi Gras.

P.s. you’re not invited.


Parmesan Don


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