Russian Flag Bearer at Sochi Games Banned

If I had to guess what country would be in trouble for blood doping, I would have to say Vatican City. They’re like 110 years late to this whole international competition thing and having God on their side may not be enough. But, no. It was Russia, of course.

If you don’t remember the drama from this past Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, I’ll fill you in. Basically, the Olympic Committee caught so many athletes from Russia blood doping that they banned an entire country. The few that passed their tests were allowed to compete, but not under the Russian Flag. They had to compete as individual athletes who just so happen to be from Russia.

The drama does not end there. Five years after the Sochi Olympics, opening ceremony flag bearer and bobsledder, Alexander Zubkov, has been banned for two years after reports that him and four other Russian athletes were doping at the Sochi games. This also included a scheme to switch steroid-ridden urine samples with clean ones.

This ban bars Zubkov from any contact with bobsledding including his role as president of the Russian Bobsled Federation. A role that is super serial and should definitely not be made fun of. Really how hard can bobsledding be? Coming from a guy who knows nothing about the sport, can’t you just put a fat kid in the front and slide down the hill faster? Would blood doping really help that much more on top of Olympic style training?

Good on the Olympic Committee though. At least one sports organization still has some integrity. Take notes, NCAA.

Author: Wic

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