What are the Reds Doing?

First off, I want to say congratulations and thank you to the Reds radio announcer since 1974, Marty Brennaman. Thank you for all that you did and thank you for being so kind to me during my time shared in Cincinnati. Now, on to the stupidity.

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There are reports flying around that the Reds and Yankees are close to a deal on starting pitcher Sonny Gray. If you follow me, you know I am a Reds and Yankees fan, but this is just plain dumb. I have been around long enough to have unfortunately seen Sonny Gray pitch the last few years, and it is the last thing the Reds need. The last two seasons, Gray is 15-16 with a 4.51 ERA. In 41 games for the Yankees, he has 15 wins. He’s lost velocity on his fastball and his curveball has never been the same since he arrived in NY. In fact, he complained that the seams of the ball have caused him to lose faith in his curveball. What pitcher blames the ball and not themselves? Obviously, your 15-16 record shows you need more work, not the ball. That is just embarrassing. The Reds made the smartest move they’ve made in years by acquiring Puig, Wood, and Kemp and giving up Homer Bailey’s salary. The Reds are on the up and coming, but this may deter their process.

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Tyler Stephenson

The rumor floating around is that the Yankees would give up Gray in order to receive Shed Long and Tyler Stephenson. Shed Long is the 7th ranked prospect in the Reds system and would give the Yankees a nice replacement if anyone was to get hurt during the system, especially with Didi already out till August. Stephenson is ranked ahead of Long and is a solid catcher which would give the Yankees some comfort room behind Sanchez and Romine. I definitely think the Yankees are fully trade banging the Reds, because as @JonHeyman said yesterday, the Yankees would ALSO want a pick from the Reds. I’d assume the Yankees are throwing in someone else to go along with Gray, but the player would be nowhere in comparison to Stephenson or Long.

There are a few other ideas floating around, but none gaining as much traction as the Reds. Personally, I’d like to see Kluber traded to the Padres then to NY for Andujar and Gray, but we will see. Hopefully the Reds don’t kill the momentum they have right now.

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