UConn Self-Imposes Sanctions after Kevin Ollie Scandal

Back in 2018, after a disappointing 14-18 season, Kevin Ollie was fired “for cause” by UConn. Some thought it was for the terrible season and some thought it was beCAUSE they hated him. However, it was due to Kevin Ollie being charged with unethical conduct by the NCAA.

The Huskies did one hell of a job kicking this ice under the fridge.

This unethical conduct Ollie is being charged with is giving misleading information about recruiting. Having former UConn stars like Ray Allen and Rudy Gay video call recruits and basically lying about it was one of the more serious violations listed. When a head coach is charged Level-1 NCAA violations, the best thing to do is get rid of that coach and comply the best you can.

UConn is doing just that, but took it one step further and has self-imposed sanctions. Sanctions include the loss of a scholarship for next season, reduction in official recruiting visits, reduction in recruiting hours from 130 to 126 (whoa, easy there) and paying a $5,000 fine to the NCAA.

Self-imposed sanctions are the dumbest thing a school can do. It never helps, just ask Louisville. Self-imposing is like committing a crime and moving to terrible place thinking that time in Cleveland will knock time off your sentence. Or giving yourself a postseason ban knowing that you do not have any shot at winning the championship in hopes the NCAA go easy on you. I promise, the NCAA does not care.

The best thing to do is comply and deny.

Author: Wic

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