What is Happening in Free Agency?

Today is January 18, 2019. That is less than 25 days, yet here we are, still not knowing where Bryce Harper or Manny Machado will play in 2019. To me, it seems like no one really cares except the Chicago White Sox and their fan base.

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Every single day, without missing a beat, the White Sox fans put out a rumor saying “Manny will do this, or that” and they have been wrong every single time. I actually think Manny signs in Chicago, but not because he wants to or he thinks it’s a great fit or even the fact the White Sox have hired his 2 best friends and his favorite coach; it is because the Yankees don’t want him. Plain and simple. The White Sox offered 7 years, $175 million (which Machado’s agent said was false but White Sox have in a way confirmed it). Now, that’s embarrassing. Machado is one of 4 maybe 5 players that are worth $300 million (Judge, Machado, Harper, Trout, Betts) but for some reason, I think it is widely accepted that he will not get $300 million and neither will Harper.

I had a buddy text me “Do you think MLB owners all got together and decided that they need to lower market prices?” My answer is simple: yes. There is no one in the MLB that will stay consistent for 10 years in a row, maybe Mike Trout. When the Yankees signed Arod, Tex, and CC to those deals, baseball changed forever. Hell, Jacoby Ellsbury got 7 years $175+ from the Yankees. It just shows how everyone was just throwing money and not thinking about the possible consequences of awarding such high years and high money, so yeah we’re seeing owners trying to lower the market. So when did this start?

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2016 the year the curse ended, something we all loved ended as well: high money free agency. When the Cubs won, they did something teams had tried but failed. They built from within. The Cubs had the best farm system of any team for about 3-4 years and on their peak year, they won. They needed help at the trade deadline and got Chapman, but other than that that team changed everything. You see the Yankees trying to do the same thing, the Astros did the same thing, and the Braves, Reds, Rays are close. The teams you see “ALL IN” on Harper and Machado are teams that do not have the luxury of having a good farm system (White Sox, Phillies, Nationals). I will honestly be shocked if Harper and Manny get $300 million and time is running out. My official predictions: Manny is going to Chicago because they’re the only ones interested. Harper goes back to Washington, short term. Hopefully we find out soon, because this is getting annoying.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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