Championship Weekend

Fine, I’ll say it. I’m an idiot. I picked the Colts and the Chargers, which is why I tend to write only about baseball or WWE. But hey, who cares. I lost 2 bets last week, so I’m due. That’s how it works, right? Probably, who knows but I have 2 LOCKS for this week so stay tuned.

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This will be the game of the day, I promise. The Saints are -3.5 and I’d put money on the Saints moneyline, the Rams +3.5, and the under 56.5. The Saints and Rams played one another in week 9, with the Saints winning 45-35. The biggest take away from that game is how Michael Thomas ran all over the Rams DB’s and how Sean Peyton almost made Marcus Peters cry like a lil bitch. This game will be a running game and I think it truly comes down to which team has the better backs which is the Saints right now. Sean Peyton and Drew Brees are 6-0 in the dome, so they have magic on their side too. I think Kamara and Ingram take over the game and the Saints have 3-4 drives like they did against the Eagles in the 3rd quarter last week, where they took 9 minutes to march the field. If the Saints do they, if they control the clock by having an effective run, I think the Saints win. If it comes down to a fast paced passing game, the advantage has to go to the Rams solely to due to the fact that the Saints D is skeptical at best. With the Rams, yeah they’re facing the best QB of all time in Brees, but their D has shown time and time again that they are consistent. I’ll take the Saints 24-21.

This game is going to be boring, here’s why. Belichick knows how to win in January and he will own this game from the first snap. He is going to slow the game down tremendously by just feeding Sonny Michel and James White. The Chiefs are -3 and the over/under is 56. I would take Patriots +3 and the under 56. Bill will run his game and his D will key on Mahomes and he just won’t be able to do his normal strut. They played already this season, granted it was early, but the Patriots won 43-40. I do not think this game will be anywhere close to as fun as the first and the Patriots win 31-10.

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