NCAA Basketball

Big Baller Brand Charging $3,500 for Media Credentials

Genius Lavar Ball is at it again. Big Baller Brand is hosting the Big Baller Beatdown high school showcase this weekend in Benton, Kentucky. Lavar’s only son who is good at basketball, LaMelo, and his Spire Institute squad will be featured in two of the eleven games.

The financial wizard himself is not going to host a basketball showcase weekend and not make money on it. Not only is he charging $15-25 for admission, he is also charging $3,500 to anyone who wants to film Spire Institute’s games while already making $5,000 a game from FloSports. All other games will be free to record.

Here is how much of a genius Lavar Ball is: he is hosting a high school basketball showcase in NOWHERE, Kentucky. People will have to drive several hours to get there (there are no airports nearby). He is charging $25 admission and an extra $3,500 to get a 3 second clip of his son bricking a half court shot. AND PEOPLE ARE GOING TO COME.

I even thought about it until I saw that it was a 4 and half hour drive. Lavar Ball can put his name on anything in any location and it would become a huge event.

Hell, he could put his name on Fyre Festival 2 and people would go.

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