Brandon Wimbush Grad Transfers to UCF: Finally Has a Chance at National Title

With uncertainty in McKenzie Milton’s future, UCF has secured a major grad transfer next season in Brandon Wimbush. Wimbush started every game for Notre Dame in 2017 (UCF’s National Title season) and three games this past season before being replaced by Ian Book.

I am so happy for Wimbush for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, he is a great player and I am glad he finally gets to have a real shot at the National Championship. We all know he wasn’t getting one at the last place he played.

Next, Wimbush actually gets to play for a team that has some good history. In the last 30 years, UCF has won 1 National Title* and Notre Dame has 0. He will finally get some respect on his name. When Wimbush goes 12-0 next year, actually beating more than one ranked team on the way, he will get to play for a conference championship.

If I were UCF, I would still be holding out hope for the return of McKenzie Milton or a breakout season for Darriel Mack Jr. After all, Wimbush did get outplayed by Ian Book… BUT he does have Milton’s support. In a recent baller as always statement from Milton to Wimbush, he said, “Let’s ride, bra!”

Author: Wic

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