Eli Manning is better than Peyton

Watching the games on Sunday, I stumbled on a thought that I believed everyone shared. I calmly stated that I believe that Eli is the better Manning, but people thought I had lost my mind. A little backstory…I grew up in Knoxville and we lived there after the Peyton years. Being a huge UK fan, I naturally hated Tennessee and Peyton. A few years later, when we lived in Memphis, we saw Kentucky vs Ole Miss and got to see Eli play. I also hated Eli, simply because of his name. But as time went on, I loved them both. And after watching both for a long period, I think it is safe to say….Eli is better than Peyton and it’s not close.

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First, let’s start with Peyton…but keep in mind, Peyton also played in the weak AFC South from 1999-2011. In 266 career games, Peyton had a 186-79 record with a 65.3% completion rating. He had 71,940 yards with 539 TD’s and 251 interceptions. Manning won “2” championships and “5” MVP awards, four with the Colts and one with the Broncos. In 2004, he shared the award with Steve McNair who posted better numbers in every category, so I will only count Peyton for having 4. He has two championships, but should have be counted for having one. He sat half the season due to Brock Osweiler, who sucks at QB, was playing better than he was. Peyton eventually took over and won the 3 games needed to win a Super Bowl but he posted quite possibly the worst postseason for QB’s. He was, in total, 51-92 in that postseason. A QB who is known for his elite passing skills, had a 55% completion rate with a total of two, yes TWO, passing touchdowns. He was carried by his defense, which is an embarrassing way to finish a career.

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Peyton had one major rival his entire career, Tom Brady. Against Brady, Manning was 6-11 all time. Including 3-2 in the postseason. But, Brady has more Super Bowls and has not has an embarrassing postseason, NFL given Super Bowl. Peyton was gifted that championship, something Brady has never received. Brady has had a more successful career, on a superior team, but Brady still leads Peyton in every category, including breaking some of Peyton’s records on the way.

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Now, Eli has played in the NFC East his entire career, a division that has not had a repeat winner in years. He already has played tougher competition than Peyton had his entire career, and he plays it week in and week out. In 232 games, Eli has 116-114 record, 55,981 yards, with a 60.3% completion rating. He has thrown 360 TD’s and 239 interceptions with a total QB rate of 84.1%. Eli has won 2 championships in 2 attempts. In those two attempts, he had a passer rating of over 95 in each. In 2011, he had a rating of 103.3. He is a two time Super Bowl MVP and holds a 2-0 record against Peyton’s greatest enemy Brady in the Super Bowl alone. Knowing how smart Eli is, he lost to his brother the 3 times they played each other.

In those years, Eli definitely was saving everything for the postseason in case they met Brady and Bill again. Eli has never had to amount of love Peyton has received. Eli won two of the best, most shocking Super Bowls in history. Peyton won a Super Bowl against the Bears, which should never count and won one against the Panthers, a team that turned on their obnoxious QB. Peyton is lucky to even have a Super Bowl, and each time it was a set up by the NFL so they could push their Brady vs Manning narrative. The only reason Peyton won that game against the Panthers was because Cam cried constantly to the refs and Von Miller led one of the best defenses the league has seen. They had Brock playing half the season, and it didn’t even matter. Eli has never been carried, in fact he carries every team he has ever been on. He finally got help in Saquan and Odell, but Odell seeks drama more than a high school girl and he is just a plain distraction.

In conclusion, after looking at the stats, I know it’s a stretch to even compare the two. The title should probably be “Peyton vs Eli, Who is better? Peyton is.” So I’ll take full blame. Before I looked into anything, Eli was better just based off what I saw, but stats say otherwise. Sorry, Peyton. I was wrong. But, Eli is definitely the better comic, which is what I meant to begin with. Just watch.

Author: Juice

Baseball and WWE fanatic. Writer for soft7sports.com

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