Colin Cowherd on the Browns in 2019: “No Playoffs”

Known Baker Mayfield critic and Skip Bayless wannabe, Colin Cowherd was spotted in LAX two days ago by TMZ Sports reporters. Of course, they had to ask him about his #1 target and how the Browns would fare with Baker at the helm.

Surprisingly enough, Cowherd said some nice things about Baker… Theeeennn attacked Mayfield’s character calling him immature. Why not? Cowherd went on to say that the Browns will win games next season, but will not beat the Steelers nor will they make the playoffs.

Now, Browns fans, don’t get too upset because this man is often ALWAYS wrong. This is coming from the guy who said that Durant would never go to the Warriors. The guy who said the Cubs absolutely wouldn’t win the World Series in 2016. The guy who said during the 2016 NBA Finals, when the series was 2-0 Golden State, that LeBron was too old to chase you down and block you from behind. We all know how these turned out.

As we can see, when Colin Cowherd makes a definitive statement like that, the opposite almost always happens. So, Browns fans, get ready for your first postseason since 2002. Best believe that Baker has already heard this and will win the Super Bowl purely out of spite.

Author: Wic

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