Enes Kanter is Fatter than Future Teammate Zion Williamson

For those that may not know, Zion Williamson (currently a SF/PF enrolled at Duke University) is kinda a hefty boy. However, not willing to be outdone, Enes Kanter tried to prove how much of a fat waste of space he is on the Knicks bench.

Yes, for all you that don’t know, Enes Kanter recently had his coveted “cheat day”, where he posted a video of himself eating 7 burgers and fries in one sitting. While I can respect the effort but the GOAT Joey Chestnut and his 2nd place counter-part Takeru Kobayashi in terms of professional eating/engorging, I can still tip my cap to ol’ Enes trying to show up his future teammate Zion.

However, I cannot tip my cap to the fact that Enes missed practice the next day due to an “illness”.

Hmmm, sounds suspect. I bet Zion wouldn’t have been “sick” and missed practice after his “cheat day”.

Then again, Zion is also a more professional fat person than Enes is.

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