Andy Murray’s Suspicious Retirement Timing

Two-time Wimbledon Champion, Andy Murray, has announced that he will be retiring from Tennis earlier today. While he says that he is in pain daily after suffering a hip injury a year ago that required surgery, his timing is nothing short of suspicious.

Remember what happened yesterday? Spanish officials arrested 83 people including 28 professional tennis players for their role in match fixing by the Armenian Mob. The report even claims that one athlete arrested had competed in the US Open. Andy Murray has competed in the US Open. It’s a long shot, I know, but hang on to your straws, because daddy’s goin’ graspin’.

Murray has been at the forefront of all match fixing allegations since 2007. He has told reporters numerous times that he would not be surprised if it was happening. Not even if players in the top 50 were involved. Most recently, Murray said that match fixing allegations would be good for the sport. That’s like the Russian Winter Olympic Team saying that we should test for blood doping more.

Let me tell you something, Andy Murray. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were involved in match fixing. Saying you have never been asked to do it doesn’t mean you haven’t actively searched for it yourself. Also, making bold claims against others to take the heat off of yourself never works. Just ask A-Rod, Lance Armstrong and Louisville Basketball fans.

Now, there is no real evidence to suggest that Andy Murray is actually involved, but I am so on to him.

Author: Wic

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