AFC Preview

Don and I have teamed up to give you a complete breakdown of the final 8 teams. In my opinion, the AFC is wide open. With Mahomes, Luck, Brady, and Rivers left, the quarterback play in the AFC is going to be unreal, no team is weak. My predictions may shock a few people, but anyway let’s start with the early Saturday game…

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Kansas City vs Indianapolis

This game is my “upset” of the week. I’d take the Colts +5.5 and I would take their moneyline as well. I think Kansas City is the most electric team in the AFC, but that does not always correlate to success in the Playoffs. The Playoffs are different, they are important for the offense yes, but if your defense goes on a roll, it’s hard to beat you. The Colts had the 11th best defense this season, while Kansas City had the 31st, so second to last. The Colts have the 7th best offense, the Chiefs the 1st. So, the Chiefs hold a slight advantage offensively, but I think the Colts have the momentum and I think they win, handily. The Colts have won 11 out of their last twelve and what scares me for Kansas City is no Kareem Hunt. Hunt, who lied to the front office and is a piece of shit (rough but true), was a vital part of this offense and I see it really coming into play this game. The Colts are on a roll and they’ll win this game 31-21.

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Chargers vs Patriots

This game is the more appealing game of the two, but I think it will be the game of the playoffs. Rivers and Brady are both top 5 quarterbacks in the league, with Brady being #2 and Rivers #3 (in my opinion). This will surely be an offensive battle and it will come down to the final possession. I would take the Chargers +4.5 and I would also take this moneyline. The Chargers will win this game due solely to their defensive play. The Chargers have the 11th best offense while the Pats have the 5th. The Chargers have the 9th best defense, while the Pats rank 21st. I think Rivers takes his team in and wins this game. Although Rivers hasn’t beat Brady, this is the game he finally does so. He has his best team and it will be his final run in the postseason. Chargers win this game 34-31.

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AFC Championship

I’ll have more on this next week, but I think the Colts win this matchup. The Chargers have no lost outside of LA, but unfortunately this game would be played in LA and I think Luck and the Colts march into Atlanta to take on the Saints.

My Official Prediction: Saints 24 Colts 13

Wic’s Thoughts: Patriots vs Saints,

Buck’s Thoughts: Saints vs Chargers, Saints win and Brees retires

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