83 People Arrested Including 28 Professional Tennis Players

Spanish Police have arrested 83 suspects including 28 professional tennis players for their role in match fixing. Guess who was behind it all. The Armenian Mob, of course.

In the last couple of days, Spanish Police and Europol have taken down a crime ring that began in February of 2017. What happened was Armenian gangsters would bribe tennis players to give them the outcome they wanted. Mobsters would attend the game to ensure the results. While this was happening, the Armenians would would bet on the matches in Spain and internationally.

Reports have estimated that the mob has brought in millions of Euros from the operation. That sounds way easier than trying to start a blog from scratch. Here’s the craziest part though: the Spanish Police have been on to them for over a year. Yes, a year ago, the anti-corruption body for professional tennis complained about irregular activity including possible match fixing.

No need to worry about your favorite player, especially Andy Murray. These were all lower level professionals. However, the report does mention that one athlete did participate in the US Open.

Please be Serena Williams. It would be great to see those headlines: Serena Williams (mother, we can’t not mention that) among 28 Professional Tennis Players Involved in Armenian Mob Scandal.

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