NCAA Football

Top 10 Returning QBs That Will Actually Make A Difference

10. Terry Wilson- Kentucky
Touchdown Terry Wilson. Don’t even try to tell me that he won’t be a difference maker next year. He is the fastest dude in the SEC and maybe ever in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Tell me leading a team like UK to a 10 win season isn’t special. That’s more wins that Justin Herbert in a better conference.

9. Justin Fields- Ohio State
Fields has officially transferred to Ohio State where he is expected to win his appeal to not sit out a year. This is due to an egregious behavior statute in the NCAA rules. Expect him to run RPO’s all over Harbaugh.

8. Sam Ehlinger- Texas
Ehlinger is not one of the better passers in the country, but he makes a difference in every game he plays in. He is essentially Vince Young with a little Colt McCoy. Expect him to make a CFP sometime soon and singlehandedly bring back Texas Football.

7. Jake Bentley- South Carolina
I have been calling him Jake Kia all year, but he deserves a little respect. Even with absolutely no help around him and complete incompetence at coach, he still somehow got his team to a bowl game. Not to mention how he threw for 510 yards and 5 TD’s vs. Clemson.

6. Kelly Bryant- Mizzou
I feel like no one is talking about this guy. Kelly (girl’s name) Bryant transferred not retired. Luckily he gets to use last season as his “sit out” year. Yes, he got beat out by a freshman, but that freshman just diced up Alabama’s defense like Emeril. Also, don’t forget Bryant took Clemson to the CFP in his first year as a starter.

5. Jake Fromm- Georgia
Mr. Efficiency. Jake Fromm State Farm is the most efficient quarterback ever for Georgia and you don’t know how frustrating it is to not know what that means. As soon as I do, I will adjust his ranking accordingly.

4. Joe Burrow- LSU
One of the most underrated passers in the NCAA. This dude can flat out play. Even after getting his head taken off by UCF, he got up and threw 4 touchdowns to beat the defending champions.

3. Tua Tagovailoa- Alabama
Rough night last night to say the least. In his first loss as a starter, he truly looked like he was a human again. It happens. He may fall back into the irrelevancy that is Alabama Quarterbacks, but most likely we will see him in the Heisman discussions.

2. Justin Herbert- Oregon
He has been called the “Most Pro-Ready” quarterback in the country which I thought was an arbitrary and meaningless thing until I saw him play. He handles the game with poise and confidence. Basically, he checks down like all the time.

1. Trevor Lawrence- Clemson
This man is an absolute monSTAR. He is the only person I have ever seen absolutely gut Alabama’s defense like that. Sunshine was on fire last night and he is only going to get better. I know I had my “he’s a bum” take earlier, but I have seen the light. Expect another championship and a Heisman.

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