Thank you, Marc

Well, the Grizzlies are 18-21. What started as a glimmer of hope has come crashing down in the recent weeks. The Grizzlies are 29th in points scored and in total offense but they rank second in total defense. Unfortunately, this is not the early 2000s or the late 1990s and offense means more. The Grizzlies have lived by playing tough defense and trying to keep up on offense, but the game has changed so much within the last ten years. They just can’t keep up to the other teams mainly because they never have a pure shooter.

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Sure Conley and Gasol are franchise players, but Conley just is not a consistent 30+ point player like what you need in the NBA today. Almost every team has that one guy that can do it, the Grizzlies don’t. That is not a knock on Conley or Gasol or even on Jaren Jackson who has been a surprising contributor to the team this season, it is just facts. The Grizzlies have no chance of making any noise in the postseason and they need to realize it now and just make some moves, but what moves?

Trade Marc Gasol.

Look, Marc and Pau have done so much for Memphis basketball, but there comes a time where you finally find a way to thank them properly, which would be trading him. There are plenty of teams that will trade young players or picks for Gasol and he would extremely benefit their team. Give Marc an opportunity to win a championship, a chance he would never get in Memphis.

With those picks or young players, they have a solid team for a rebuild. If they tank and trade Gasol, they’ll get a top pick to play with Conley and Jackson. There could be a lot of hope in Memphis, but they have to trade Gasol in order to gain any traction.

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