Taysom Hill: Whatta Man of the Year

Not exactly MVP and not exactly Man of the Year. More like the best thing to ever happen to football. Some of the best players are considered “ahead of their time”, but Taysom Hill is about 60 years late. He plays every position like back when real men played ball.

The best ability is availability. And Taysom Hill is AVAILABLE. Unlike Nathan Peterman, who actively tries to get himself taken out of the game, Hill looks for any excuse to get off the sidelines. Hill being listed as just a QB is a crime. Sure, he will run the hell out of an RPO, but if you want return yards, you got return yards. You want tackles, you got tackles. You want a blocked punt? You’re asking a bit much there, but you got that too. He’s like Bugs Bunny playing all 9 spots in that old baseball skit.

Taysom Hill is my favorite athlete in the NFL right now. That is what he is, an athlete. No one should limit him to QB. So far, he has lined up in QB, RB, WR, punt return, kickoff, kick return, punt and I am desperately waiting for him to take a defensive snap. Running a 4.4 forty and having a 39″ verticle, dude would be one hell of a free safety. Let’s make it happen, Payton.

Hill only has one award this season. He won the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for his blocked punt Week 14 and I think he needs more. So, Soft 7 Sports will be awarding him several others:

Salt-N-Pepa Whatta Man of the Year
Calves of the Century (have you seen those bad boys?)
Special Teams Perfection Award
Mr. Fourth Down
Tackles, Passes and Return Yards Title

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