Where Will Antonio Brown Be Traded?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been at the forefront of all of the NFL controversy all season. Surprisingly, this time, it has nothing to do with Le’veon Bell; it is their other superstar, Antonio Brown. He has been skipping recent team meetings and practices and when he does show up, he gets into it with his teammates. One altercation in particular was with QB Ben Roethlisberger where he supposedly yelled and threw a ball at him. But, to be fair, Ben throws balls at him ALL the time. Most recently, Brown did an Instagram Live video with James Harrison (Mike Tomlin’s biggest critic) where he was very critical of his head coach. Some believe it is just a matter of time before he is traded, but where we he go?

San Francisco 49ers
Antonio Brown is doing everything he can to stir up this rumor. It all started with a tweet from George Kittle. It simply asked “sup?” Seemingly harmless and obviously a joke. This led to AB replying with an excited emoji and following the 49ers and many of their players. On top of that, Brown liked a picture of himself on Instagram with a 49ers jersey.

Antonio Brown has also unfollowed the Steelers.

Cleveland Browns
Jarvis Landry, following George Kittle’s lead, has also reached out to AB on Twitter. He asked if Brown and Bell would want to win a title sometime soon. This seems kind of innocent and just piling on to a running joke, but Brown has followed some Cleveland Browns fan accounts in recent days.

Of course this is all speculation and these are pretty petty reasons to believe he will be traded, but Brown is part of the pettiest organization on Earth. And he is already petty himself. The most likely destination for Antonio Brown is to stay right where he already is in Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin and Big Ben say that no altercation happened nor has AB asked for a trade. Financially, letting Brown go would be ridiculous. He is set to make $22.2 million next year. If they let him go, they still have to pay him $21.2 million. A savings of $1.1 million is not enough to justify letting such an amazing player go.

I think it is more likely they get rid of Tomlin before they get rid of Brown… which may happen.

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