5 Reasons the Bears Could Win the Super Bowl

The Chicago Bears are back in the playoffs for the first time since the 2010-11 season. Of course, we are hearing all of the comparisons to the ’85 Bears and I believe them. I am a sucker for nostalgic takes. Saying definitively that DA Bears are going to win the Super Bowl would be ridiculous, but it would be just as ridiculous to count them out. So here are 5 reasons the Chicago Bears can win the Super Bowl.

Bear Weather
The Bears are only going to get to play at home in the Wild Card round and maybe the NFC Championship if they are extremely lucky. We all know Chicago winters can be brutal. That lake effect completely killed the Rams offense. For this weekend against the Eagles, it is supposed to be 39 degrees with an overcast. That, plus a wind chill, may be just what they need to beat Nick Foles in the playoffs.

Razzle Dazzle Offense
Mitch Trubisky in just his second year is starting to look more and more comfortable as an NFL QB. His improvements have allowed Matt Nagy to be more creative with the offense and install some of my favorite plays of all time. First, there’s Papa Bear Left where they run the throwback T-formation and put o-linemen at wide receiver. Then there’s Willy Wonka where they play TWO quarterbacks. The Bears also run a play where they line up with four tight ends which I call Bill Bellichick’s Wet Dream. My favorite trick play is where they let Trey Burton throw a pass which I have nicknamed the “Florida Special“, where they let another failed Florida quarterback pretend to be special. Say what you will about these plays, but they have been successful and are almost impossible to plan against.

Khalil Mack
Best defensive player in the NFL. He was well worth the couple of picks the Bears had to give up to get him. So far this year, Mack has 47 tackles, 12.5 sacks (one with his butt), 3 forced fumbles and an interception. I like to call him “Chinese food” because he would run right through me. The same way he has to many teams this year. Mack is being double and triple teamed every play giving his teammates easy opportunities to make plays. Khalil Mack is the definition of an X factor.

Keeping It Close
In the entire 2018 regular season, the Bears either won in a blowout, won close or lost close. They have never been blown out. In fact, in all 4 of their losses, two of which were in overtime, they have only lost by a total of 14 points.

Time of possession
The Bears average 32:33 minutes of possession every game. This is how they beat the high powered offenses of the Rams, Chiefs and, dare I say, the Saints. The Bears will most likely have to play Saints in the NFC Championship so they need to go ahead and gameplan for it. This is how the Cowboys did it. When the ‘Boys beat the Saints in Week 12, they controlled about 75% of possession. How do you keep Drew Brees from beating you? Keep him on the sideline.

Again, I am not saying that the Bears will win the Super Bowl. All I am saying is don’t count them out. They get to play at home this weekend, they have an awesome offense, the best defensive player in the NFL and they know how to control the game. This season has ’85 Bears written all over it.

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