What Christian Pulisic Move Means for Chelsea

As reported earlier, Christian Pulisic has signed with Chelsea. He will remain with Borussia Dortmund for the rest of the Bundesliga season on loan from Chelsea. So what happens to both teams when they lose or gain a piece as game changing as Pulisic?

As for Borussia Dortmund, they have already replaced him earlier this season with English International Jadon Sancho at Right Wing. This has significantly cut Pulisic’s playing time, but even if he never missed a minute, this was still and incredible move for his career.

What about Chelsea though? They already have two amazing wingers in Hazard and Willian. Why would they need another young, promising wing player unless they were losing one? As it turns out, there have been multiple reports that Hazard could be moving to Real Madrid as early as this summer. Real Madrid has inquired about the Belgian International and he has even said it has been a dream of his to play there. This is purely speculation especially with Willian’s decision.

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This tactical from speculates that Willian will be the one to depart from the team. There have been even more reports that say the Willian is choosing between Manchester United and Barcelona and are giving no chance of him returning to London. We can expect his decision by summer. I prefer this happening, because Pulisic can continue to play his normal RW position.

This is a great day for Chelsea and American Soccer fans, but Chelsea fans should be wary of what the implications of the Pulisic signing could be. He isn’t leaving Dortmund to sit on the bench or to be loaned out again. He is coming to be a regular starter and Chelsea is making a place for him.

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