RIPIP to My Takes That Died in 2018

I like to make bold statements about sports. They annoy people who take sports too seriously and they pretty much never have to be right. There isn’t even a guarantee that takes will ever get proven wrong. My favorite part is that getting 1/10 right makes me look like a genius.

Since I started Soft 7 Sports in September, I have made my fair share of bold statements. Aside from a couple coaches getting fired, my takes have missed almost every time. So as a blogger with integrity, I have this thing called bloggeristic integrity and it is time to own up to my mistakes from this past year. Here are all of my takes that did not make it to the new year:

Ohio State: Lock for CFP
Big time swing and a miss on this one. How was I supposed to know that Purdue was going to wax them by 30?

Bengals Will Win AFC North
To be fair, they were 4-1 and had no plans of hiring Hue Jackson at the time I wrote this. They were poised to win it, but fell apart worse than Steelers. I figured that even if they didn’t win the division, they would at least sneak into the playoff as the 6 seed or something, but no. They had to come in last in the AFC North.

Could Kentucky Go 10-2?
Okay I almost had this one. I wrote this after week 1 or 2 of the college football season and it would have come true and would have made me look so smart if Kentucky didn’t lose to Tennessee of all teams. This was the first article I wrote for Soft 7 so I am proud my Cats ended up at 10-3 after beating Penn State in the Citrus Bowl.

I’m Not Impressed with Clemson
Their schedule is still garbage and they will lose to Bama in the CFP Final, but I’ll admit it. I like Clemson again. A lot of takes in this article, and they ALL fell flat.

Jimmy Butler Perfect for Meme Team
Turns out he wanted nothing to do with the Lakers…

Is Nathan Peterman in the Mafia?
He’s on the practice squad for the Raiders. So, I’d say no.

Still No Respect for UCF
One of our most viewed articles, but after that loss to LSU in the Fiesta Bowl, they are no longer MY National Champions.

Author: Wic

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