Notre Dame: Worst Big Stage Team in Recent History

In a wildly shocking turn of events, America was right. Notre Dame is not as good as that one good win versus Michigan led some to believe. The Fighting Irish (problematic?) have once again failed miserably on the biggest stage of their season, losing to Clemson 30-3. Defense wins championships, I guess.

Don’t come at me with all the national championships they have. They haven’t won a title since 1988, ya know, back when people could understand what Lou Holtz was saying. This was nothing out of the ordinary either. Notre Dame has lost their last SIX New Year’s 6 or BCS bowl games dating back to 2001. Just can’t win on a big stage. Don’t believe me?

2001: Fiesta Bowl vs. Oregon State- 41-9 Beavers
2006: Fiesta Bowl vs. Ohio State- 34-20 Buckeyes (Brady Quinn’s sister split jersey game)
2007: Sugar Bowl vs. LSU- 41-14 Tigers
2013: BCS Championship vs. Alabama- 42-14 Crimson Tide (Manti T’eo fake dead girlfriend game)
2016: Fiesta Bowl vs. Ohio State- 44-28 Buckeyes
2018: Cotton Bowl vs. Clemson- 30-3 Tigers

Hard to believe people still consider them an elite program. Notre Dame likes to pride themselves on their defense, but it completely disappears when called upon. It may be the best in the nation all season when they are beating up on the bottom half of the ACC, but one of the worst when they have to play real competition.

ESPN, in true ESPN fashion, loves to tell us how good Notre Dame is. More than anything, they want to tell us how good Ian Book is. If they were going to win the championship, they would have needed the help of another book, the Bible, to get past Clemson and God to beat Bama.

Also, is Fighting Irish as a nickname offensive? As an American of mostly Irish descent, I don’t think so, but to the one person from Ireland that reads our articles (big S/O to you), let us know in the comments.

Author: Wic

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