The Warriors Will Not Make the Western Conference Finals

Yes sports fans, this take is hotter than the dish Curry was named after (probably). Any and all Warrior fans casually waved off the loss to the LeBron-less Lakers, chalking it up to a myriad of issues. Yes delusional “lifelong” fans, it is really easy to blame it on anything from the rotation of the Earth to the imbalance in the air from a clock being off. However, this loss, and the Warriors season/record in general, should be having all silent alarm bells go off.

I mean, I called this collapse in my preview of the Warriors before the season started.

To recap for all that didn’t get to witness my genius at work (okay, too far, I’ll dial it back a tad), I said that the Warriors would not be the best team in the West for a few reasons. Chief among them being locker room issues and a weak bench. Sure enough, those issues reared their ugly heads. Uncertainty about the future has sure plagued Klay and Dray this season, since they are both having their worst years. This of course also isn’t accounting for the fact that Shawn Livingston and Andre Iguodala are finally showing their respective ages and have dropped off considerably. This also isn’t mentioning how they now do not have a single player on their roster that is a true and instinctive center. Sure, Dray and Jordan Bell can play center, but they do not have the size to go up against a true center like Rudy Gobert or Clint Capela, and they cannot deal with the new era of stretch bigs like Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic. The only players that aren’t having a rough year are Curry and Durant, but one of those two will be leaving (as he always does) and going to a “better” team.

The Warriors, as they are constructed right now, are entirely dependent on Cousins coming back and proving that he is still an All-Star center. I do not recall a Warriors team being this desperate for a player. Even when they rotate injuries, they never truly needed a player. Sure they are a better team when Steph is on the court, but they still won games with Durant at the helm. Now? They lost to the LeBron-less Lakers and the Trailblazers in back-to-back games.

The Warriors also do not have the best offense and defense in the NBA. Hell, the West has multiple teams with better compositions in both categories. I would honestly say that the Nuggets are the team to beat in the West come playoff time, and they haven’t even played in one. Paul Millsap at 200 years old has the most playoff experience, and he used to be on the Hawks. Yeah, I’d rather take that team over the Warriors in the playoffs. Just like I trust the Thunder’s injuries to fix themselves come playoff time, and have that amazing defense work wonders on them. Of course, these all sidetracks from the main point:

Your time in the sun is over Warriors. Prepare to pack your bandwagons, “true fans”.

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