Hue Jackson Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Football

Hue Jackson is the worst coach that has ever lived. While Marvin Lewis has been rewarded for his mediocrity, Hue Jackson has been rewarded for his incompetence. Among coaches that have coached at least 40 games, Jackson has the second worst winning percentage at .205 (11-44-1). The only person that he is beating is Bert Bell of the Eagles who went 10-46-2 and was never fired because he OWNED the team.

If I saw someone who has the resume that Jackson does, I would turn and run. But somehow, he still has a job.

Jackson exercises due diligence to ruin every place he has ever been. His first season in Oakland he went 8-8. Pretty good if you don’t think about it. In all seriousness, anything better than 0-16 looks decent for him, but it is only a .500 season. It also accounts for 8 of his 11 wins. This happened in 2011. Since then, the Raiders have only made the playoffs one time and do not seem to be making a push any time soon. Ruined.

Apparently, one 8-8 season warrants the opportunity to be a Head Coach again and Jackson was hired by the Browns in 2016. Cleveland gave him millions of dollars, all the draft picks he needed and the ability to bring in all of his own coaches. Ya know what he gave Cleveland in return? The worst coaching performance in the Super Bowl Era. With a winning percentage of .088 and a record of (3-36-1) including that infamous 0-16 season. Ruined.

The people of Cleveland still look back on that season like a war veteran remembering a battle or an overly dramatic frat star looking back on hell week. Since being fired by Cleveland, they turned the season around and even made a playoff push, but sadly, Jackson broke them beyond repair.

Somehow, Hue Jackson was still given a job in the NFL with the mediocrity enablers themselves, the Cincinnati Bengals. His title is Special Assistant to the Head Coach which is hilarious. Before he arrived, the Bengals were 5-4 (including a 4-1 start) and were poised to take the AFC North. Since he was hired, they are 1-5 and are last in the division. Bengals fans are starting to act like the citizens of Pawnee. Literally can not be happy about anything. I was at Paul Brown Stadium for the Bengals vs. Broncos game and fans were leaving the stadium because they were down 10 in the third quarter. Just no hope.

Yes, the Bengals were already ruined, but Hue Jackson has sped up the tanking process.

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