All-Star Voting Has Opened…

And as I am sure you can tell by the picture, I have an amazing set of votes going out. Sure, there may be a couple people that the “fake news” media may cry out are “not deserving to be in there.”

I say, “Shut the hell up.”

For those that do not know or cannot read that bad picture (shoutout iOS), my votes are as follows…

– G – Mike Conley
– G – Jrue Holiday
– F – Luka Doncic
– F – Joe Ingles
– F/C – Rudy Gobert

– G – Kyrie Irving
– G – Victor Oladipo
– F – Kawhi Leonard
– F – Giannis Antetokounmpo
– F/C – Al Horford

Before anyone says anything, I agree. Nikola Jokic could and should be the F/C for the West. I do not know what I was thinking, but I can guarantee that I will be voting on alternating days for those two.

Oh, are you wondering why the West looks the way it does? And why other players should be in there? Are you asking why I don’t have any Warrior player, LeBron, AD, Dame, CJ, Harden, CP, D Book, KAT, DeRozan, Aldridge, either Gasol, or any other player in my voting? Is that 2-4 slots giving you a headache to look at?


All-Star voting is deciding who the best All-Stars are IN MY OPINION. Jrue is the best guard on the Pels, and is their best defender after AD. Luka is the ROTY and best player to come out of the draft. And why don’t you think Joe Ingles (aka Jingles, Slo-Mo Joe, Mistah Fine Wine, the Ageless Wonder, the Aussie Phenom, the Sniper from Down Under, the Outback Assassin, etc.) deserves to be an All-Star? This is the same man that is calling his shots in a Larry Bird style while his opponents are guarding him. Despite his age, he is regarded as one of the best three and D wings in the league. This man deserves this vote.

In actuality? Those three players won’t even come close to making it. Like at all. Why? Because the All-Star voting is just a “who’s popular” vote. I mean, there is a reason Zaza Pachulia almost made the All-Star team a couple years ago. Who cares who I voted for, but you best believe I will go down with this ship. Just because my vote doesn’t matter, I shall not change my stance because that is the true American way.

*eagle screeches in background*

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