Ryan Tannehill to Be Released by Miami

The hottest rumor going around the NFL today is that Miami Dolphins Quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, will be released that the end of the season. Tannehill has not been the worst quarterback, in fact, he has exceeded most expectations since leaving Texas A&M. With a 42-45 record he has thrown for 20,287 yards and 123 touchdowns, along with 1,201 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns. He even led them to a playoff appearance in 2016 (first since 2008). But after a knee injury and a second consecutive season of missing the playoffs, the Dolphins feel it is time to move on.

Pretty good move by Miami. They owed Tannehill a lot of money. He is to collect $19 million over the next two seasons, but that money is no longer guaranteed after this season. They could use that new cap space to maybe get a defense that defends.

Right now is as good a time as any to be in the market for a new QB. With Free Agency having names like Teddy Bridgewater, TyGOD Taylor and FitzMagic and the 2019 NFL Draft having guys like Will Grier, Dwayne Haskins and Drew Lock; Dolphins fans should not worry about their future at quarterback.

What’s next for Ryan Tannehill though? Where could he end up? He has enough experience that he could jump into a starting role somewhere. If that were to happen it would be at the Redskins or the Jaguars. Tannehill could also be brought on to challenge current quarterbacks and fight for a starting role. I could see this happening at the Bengals, Giants, Buccaneers or even maybe the Broncos (I would secretly love this). If worse comes to worse, I could see Tannehill being brought on by a team to mentor a young starter. I would hate it, but the Jets, Bills, Cardinals or Cowboys could really benefit from having him.

If I had to guess right now where he would end up, I would say the Redskins. With no certainty that Alex Smith will be back next year, they need an experienced guy badly.

Author: Wic

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