Marvin Lewis Is Going to Get Fired… Right?

Death, Taxes, Marvin Lewis never being fired.

For as long as I have been watching the NFL, there are only 2 things that have remained constant: the Patriots, Bellichick and Brady are going to find a way to contend and, that no matter what, Marvin Lewis is going to be the Head Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. Year after year, Marvin Lewis makes the same bonehead mistakes. They either ruin their chances at making playoffs or knock them out in the first round. Somehow he is never in danger of losing his job. The only reason that I can think of is that it could be a lot worse.

Look at this graphic:

Yes, one of these things is definitely not like the other. Marvin Lewis may very well keep his job having not won a playoff game IN 16 YEARS. That is just wildly bananas to me. Vance Joseph is getting fired after 2 years for not winning a playoff game and people have gotten fired for a lot less. Marvin Lewis has got some serious Rick Pitino swag. The Bengals just can’t seem to fire him no matter how terrible the organization is becoming.

This year, I think he has finally done it. Lewis has made two terrible mistakes that he normally doesn’t that I think will lead to his termination. First, he lost the lead to his division. He never does that. Lewis makes the playoffs every now and then, but it is almost always through the Wild Card. The prosecution has not been able to use that before. Next, Lewis has done the worst thing you can do to a football team. He hired Hue Jackson. Before bringing on Jackson as a Special Assistant to the Head Coach, the Bengals at least had a winning season of 5-4. Since Hue has been hired they are 1-5.

Marvin Lewis knows how to push a program down and keep it down. Then he hired the only person who is better than him at it. There is simply no way he keeps his job now.

Just kidding. Marvin Lewis is going to coach Cincinnati until he dies.

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