Vance Joseph to Be Fired at Season End

According to sources, the Denver Broncos will be firing Head Coach Vance Joseph at the end of the season. Good riddance. He will not be missed by the Broncos faithful. This human pair of crocs in a headset never so much as finished top 2 in his own division. He is the personification of stale beer, a mariachi band on a subway and a baby on an airplane. I wanted to give him a chance; I really did. But, I was just watching the Broncos lose 17-0 at halftime to the Raiders and I want an old-timey cane to yank him off stage right about now. No matter what happens to Vance Joseph, I want him to land on his feet, and Sergio Dipp and I hope that he had the time of his life.

Vance Joseph just can’t seem to make good things work. Last year, Case Keenum threw for 22 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions. With two more games to go, Keenum has thrown for 17 and 14. The biggest problem that I have with Joseph is the defense. He has a system of Pro Bowlers who give up 378 yards a game despite having one of the best pass rushes and a decent secondary. Say what you will about injuries, but that is embarrassing.

Joseph has some young talent in Bradley Chubb, Phillip Lindsay and Jake Butt, but the Broncos have to win games now. They are in the toughest division in the NFL. This isn’t college where you get a minimum of 4 years to “get your players in the system.” I mean they can’t just give out 10 year contracts to just anybody these days…

Regardless, Elway is not an idiot and will not let this buffoonery continue. Just please, God, do not hire Greg Schiano, Jeff Fisher, Marvin Lewis (he should be getting fired, right?) or Hue Jackson.

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