Even if Carson Wentz is Healthy, Should the Eagles Start Nick Foles?


It seems that there is a divide in Philly about whom to start in the next coming weeks. With their upset win against the Rams this past week, the Eagles are still in playoff contention. This means that if they somehow sneak into the playoffs they would have a very interesting decision to make: do we start Carson Wentz or Nick Foles?

The problem with Carson Wentz is that he just hasn’t been the same. The last couple of years he has been considered the savior of the Eagles’ franchise, and possibly one of the best quarterbacks we have seen in years. Unfortunately for him, just like RGIII, he has had some pretty serious injuries that have derailed his production and hindered the success of the team. Wentz has been dealing with a fairly serious back injury for a while now, and sat out the first 2 games of the season and then the most recent one against the Rams. In the 11 games that he did start, the Eagles went 5-6, and throwing for just over 3,000 yards (3,074) for 21 tds and 7 ints. Unlike what he was able to accomplish last year, he has ran a total of 34 times for 93 yards and 0 tds. Probably not helping his back issues is the fact that in these 11 games, Wentz has been sacked 31 times. He just isn’t the same QB as he was a year ago. If you have watched, he isn’t as elusive of a runner and it doesn’t feel like the same player.

I understand why Eagles fans would want to stick with him though, he’s a star. We all know what he is capable of doing, and once he is fully healthy I think he will be back to what he used to be. Unfortunately for Eagles fans, though, I do not think that is going to happen for the rest of the season, and if you want him to get back to full health then maybe they should consider shutting him down. This is something the Redskins did not do with RGIII and look what happened to him.


Luckily the Eagles have a backup QB that won them a goddamn Super Bowl. In the 3 games Nick Foles has started the Eagles have gone 2-1. While it is hard to compare Foles’s numbers to Wentz’s, it is clear that he has health on his side. The record also speaks for itself. In the games that Nick Foles has played in, while the numbers aren’t impressive, it is clear that he is a reason why they have stayed in those games. In my opinion, the Rams would have rolled over the Eagles if an unhealthy Wentz had played. Foles has clearly proven himself as a leader for this team and in the locker room. I mean c’mon the team literally built him a shrine in the locker room. If the team has faith in him, and the coaching staff have faith in him, then why not give him the reins for the next few weeks.

While he may not be the guy of the future, Nick Foles is the guy the Eagles have right now, and he’s certainly capable of leading the team. He may not be the favorite option of the two if they are both fully healthy, but if the Eagles want Wentz for the future, then I suggest they ride with Foles. Things could be much worse. Also, the man won them a Super Bowl, what more could he possibly do to prove that he is a capable QB?

Start Foles. Shut Wentz down the rest of the season.

-Parmesan Don

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