Chiefs Have No Shot at Super Bowl

Look, I know the Kansas City Chiefs are the “hottest team in football” or whatever people want to say. I am not buying it and neither should you. The Chiefs have a very slim chance at even making the Super Bowl and almost a nonexistent chance at winning it.

Right now, the Chiefs are 11-3 including losses to the Chargers, Rams and Patriots. If the season were to end right now, KC would get the #1 seed. This means that in the second round, they would have to play the Patriots. A team they already lost to. In the AFC Championship, the Chiefs would have to play the Chargers. Again, a team they already lost to. If they do make it the Super Bowl, then there is the possibility they play the Rams who is the last of the 3 teams they have lost to this season.

If somehow they lose these last two weeks and end up with the 5 seed, they will still have to play either the Pats or Chargers in the AFC Championship and possibly the Rams in the Super Bowl. This route also includes playing the Steelers who they had trouble with earlier in the season.

The Chiefs could very well win all of the these games. But here is why I cannot put my trust in them. Losses. Not game losses, but personnel losses. Kareem Hunt is gone and Spencer Ware is dealing with a hamstring injury. Damien Williams had a good game last week, but we all know that one good game doesn’t mean anything. Sammy Watkins has also been battling injury all season. Mahomes has been magical all year, but lack of experience and failures in close games are definitely worth mentioning.

The last reason I think the Chiefs cannot win the Super Bowl is Andy Reid. Good coach? Sure. Great coach? Ha, no. In his 20 years of coaching, Reid has been to the playoffs 13 times. That is pretty good, but he has only made one Super Bowl. And lost. In fact, he is 11-13 all time in the postseason. People think that this is his year. Give me a break. It has been 20 years and this dude still can’t figure out how to use timeouts. Better luck next year.

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