NCAA Basketball

Duquesne vs. Penn State Ending

As some of you know, a lot of things get by us, but never anything in the sports world. I am not going to waste time explaining why a basketball game between Duquesne and Penn State was close and I am not going to talk about why Penn State sucks, but here is what you do need to know: Penn State was favored in this game by 5.5 points and the game was tied at 67-67 with 5.2 seconds left.

A questionable foul call led to Penn State lining up for 2 free throws and Duquesne Head Coach Keith Dambrot went full Vesuvius on the referees. I’m talking finger pointing, chest poking, spit-yelling and vicious rabble-rousing. Bold move going off on officials that hold your fate in their hands. I kinda respect that, but I’m not sure how all 12 Duquesne fans liked it.

Dambrot was assessed 2 technical fouls and was ejected. Penn State somehow schwaps all 6 free throws in a row and puts the Nittany Lions up 73-67 which ended up being the final score.

Let’s put some pieces together. The game was tied 67-67 (134 points) with 5 seconds left. The spread of the game was 5.5 points and the over under was 138. If someone had hypothetically had money on Penn State covering the spread or maybe someone had the over, it would be really beneficial for Penn State to get 6 free throws out of the random, right? I will let the Soft 7’s out there make their own conclusions.

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