Bears Fans Got Almost Everything They Wanted

With a win over the Green Bay Packers last Sunday, the Chicago Bears have secured a spot in this year’s NFL Playoffs. This is huge for the Chi-town faithful since they have not made the postseason in a very long time. How long? Well, let feel old real quick. The last time the Bear’s made the playoffs, Jay Cutler was still completing passes, Greg Olson could make a catch without getting injured, Devin Hester still had yet to be tackled and Lovie Smith was employed by the NFL. The year was 2011. 

Obviously, Bears fans have to be ecstatic about making the playoffs, but how they made it makes it so much better. They beat the Packers. Their longtime division rival that they despise. It cannot get much better than that, BUT it does. Not only did the Bears secure a spot in the postseason, they also destroyed any chances of the Packers making the playoffs. Perfect.

If you are a die hard sports fan, sometimes your rival losing is just as good as your team winning. What makes it even better is the opposing fans running to Twitter to dissect every play where their team got screwed. The most butthurt of fans will even make video compilations of every time they got the short end of the stick. My favorite part is seeing actual players and coaches making excuses and saying “at the end of the day, it all comes back on me” while looking like a sad puppy dog. I am sure some Bears fans watched the postgame press conference just to see this from Aaron Rodgers.

But Rodgers did not give it to them. He did not mope or act cynically towards the press. He answered questions honestly, even the stupid rhetorical ones all while sporting a suit and an 8-Mile toboggan. At around the 7:30 mark he even makes a “Dazed and Confused” reference while talking about the ages of the new players. Even when Rodgers loses everything he still controls the emotions of some Chicago fans. The way he carried himself after this loss ruined the days of some Chicagoans. That is why he is the GOAT behind Drew Brees, of course.

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