The Saints Poised To Win The Super Bowl


It has been a rough few week for the ‘ol New Orleans Saints. If you think this means they are finish then think again.

The Saints were the best offense aside from the Chiefs all year, and only recently have they started to struggle. On the other hand, the defense has turned into one of the best in the NFL at the right time, and has done a complete 180 from when they were losing to the goddamn Bucs allowing 48 points. The defense is peaking at the right time. THEY’RE GOOD AGAIN! In the last 6 week they haven’t allowed more than 17 points (Bengals – 14, Eagles – 7, Falcons – 17, Cowboys – 13, Bucs – 14, and Panthers – 9). This defense that everyone was worried about earlier in the year has certainly turned it around, and now has one of the best, if not the best, run defense in the NFL.

While people may be saying that the offense is finished, just look at who the Saints have and their track record. That offense may be in a slump, but we all know what they are capable of doing. The only few games that have been low scoring for the Saint’s offense are the last three games after the Cowboys loss. After running into the Cowboy’s stout defense, the offense has scored: 10 vs. Cowboys; 28 vs. Bucs; and 12 vs. Panthers. This does not worry me whatsoever. They were riding very high for a long time and ran into a very strong Cowboys defense that brought them back down to earth. That is exactly what they needed before the playoffs, because I would much rather them have time to figure it out and get a big loss out of the way now rather than during the playoffs.


The Saints’ offense is completely capable of putting up points against anyone, but this low period should be broken in the next few games vs. either the Steelers or Panthers. Expect to see 30-40 points scored by the Saints in one of these games.

Because the Saints have the head-to-head advantage on the Rams, and one more win, if the Saints win either of their next two games then they clinch the number 1 seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. If the Saints win one more game, then everyone in the NFC better look out. There is something different about the Saints playing in the Super Dome. Aside from Seattle and the 12th man, the Dome is one of the toughest and loudest places to play in the NFL. It really makes a difference and give the Saints a real home field advantage.

I’m fully convinced that the only team the Saints should be worried about are the Bears. The only time I think they would run into the Bears are in the NFC championship game (if the Saints clinch the 1 seed). This would be a replay of the Saints’ first NFC championship game in 2006 when the Bears beat the Saints 39-14 in Chicago. Bear weather is a real thing, but the because the Saints won’t be playing on the road, I’m not too worried. I think the Bears are a different team on the road, even though they are probably the best defense in the NFL, but Mitchell Trubisky would be the X factor in that game.

So, the Saints are poised to make the Super Bowl if they could somehow get that 1 seed in the playoffs. If they don’t have the home field advantage, then I would be very nervous in the playoffs.

– Parmesan Don

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