Predicting The NFL Playoffs


If the NFL season ended today (assuming the New Orleans Saints beat the Carolina Panthers) then the playoffs would be as such:


  1. Saints **(12-2), (9-2)
  2. Rams (11-3), (7-3)
  3. Bears (10-4), (8-2)
  4. Cowboys (8-6), (7-3)
  5. Seahawks (8-6), (7-4)
  6. Vikings (7-6-1), (5-4-1)

In the Hunt:

  1. Eagles (7-7), (5-6)
  2. Redskins (7-7), (6-5)
  3. Panthers (6-8), (4-6)


  1. Chiefs (11-3), (9-2)
  2. Texans (10-4), (8-3)
  3. Patriots (9-5), (6-4)
  4. Steelers (8-5-1), (5-5-1)
  5. Chargers (11-3), (8-2)
  6. Ravens (8-6), (6-4)

In the Hunt:

  1. Colts (8-6), (6-5)
  2. Titans (8-6), (5-6)
  3. Dolphins (7-7), (6-4)

At the end of the season I don’t expect the NFC to change at all, unless somehow the Rams lose randomly against the Cardinals (3-11) or the 49ers (4-10), and then the Bears win out and sneaking into the 2 seed with a first round bye.

However, I think the AFC will have a little shakeup, or potential shakeup. This is what I think the final seeds will be:

  1. Chargers
  2. Texans
  3. Patriots
  4. Steelers
  5. Chiefs
  6. Colts

The Chiefs could lose their next game at Seattle vs. the Seahawks. This would push the Chargers into the 1 seed if the Chargers are able to win out. The Chargers have the head-to-head advantage, but they have a worse division record. So the only way this is possible is if the Chiefs some how lose one of their next games.

I also think that the Ravens lose both of their final games of the season (vs. Chargers and Browns) which would eliminate them from the playoffs. Unfortunately, I think the Browns are completely out because there is no way the Titans or Colts have could lose out because they play the last game of the season. So, I think the Colts will slide into the final playoff spot by winning out and getting in just ahead of the Titans. That week 17 game between the Colts and Titans will definitely be the game to watch.

-Parmesan Don

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