Cleveland Browns Are Not Dead

Don’t get me wrong. It is still a long shot for the Browns to make the postseason, but for the first time in a long time, there is hope in Cleveland. 

They can’t win the AFC North since the Steelers beat the Pats yesterday, but there is a chance they get a Wild Card spot. The 5 seed is already locked up by either the Chiefs or the Chargers, but the 6 seed is still wide open. Luckily, Tyrod Taylor is no longer the Browns’ QB. If he saw something this wide open, he would definitely throw at its feet. 

So here is how the Cleveland Browns make the NFL Playoffs:
First things first, they have to win out. A loss or tie will ruin everything.
Next, the Ravens need to lose the rest of their games.
Miami needs to only lose one.
The Colts and the Titans need to lose in Week 16.

This is not impossible, but it is unlikely. Now, here is what makes the Browns’ chances even unlikelier: The Titans and Colts play each other in Week 17. Both teams being 8-6 currently means that even if they both lose in Week 16, one of them will still have to finish with 9 wins, right? 

Wrong-o. *Grinch voice and finger wag* The Colts and Titans can tie. If this happens, Colts and Titans lose in Week 16, the Browns win out, the Ravens lose out and the Dolphins lose once; this will leave three teams with 8-7-1 records. That stupid tie at the beginning of the season against the Steelers is the only thing keeping them alive. Some more very specific things would have to happen for the Browns to win the tie breakers, but they are breathing. 

Imagine if they had fired Hue Jackson earlier than they did. 

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