Blake Bortles to the Giants?

It is beginning to look like Blake Bortles has taken his last snap as a Jacksonville Jaguar. While he has never been the best quarterback, let’s not pretend that Cody Kessler is any better. He did just lose to Josh Johnson and the Redskins, by the way. If that doesn’t warrant Bortles getting another chance, I don’t know what will. So, it may be time for him to move away from his home state of Florida and on to artificially greener pastures. 

Who needs a mediocre QB right now though? That’s right; teams with somehow worse quarterbacks. The R*******, Cardinals, Jets, Bengals, Cowboys (give me your hate), and the Giants all could use Bortles. Come to think of it, the Jaguars could use a better Quarterback too. From that list, take away rookies and franchises that can’t give up on their guy now for pride reasons and who do you have? The New York Football Giants. 

Eli is at the end of his career. Retirement and the risk of injury are becoming more and more probable. With NYG’s offense getting better at the draft with Saquon Barkley and Guard Will Hernandez, they are only really missing one piece. That is where Blake Bortles comes in. 

Now, he shouldn’t take over immediately. Shurmur needs to let Manning underperform so that a back up becomes the only option. Then his prior success will buy him a couple more games. Eventually, things will become so bad that they will have to give up on the starter and let Bortles in the game. So basically, exactly what just happened in Jacksonville.

Author: Wic

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