NCAA Football

Thank You, Benny Snell

The phrase “Kentucky Football” has been a punchline for as long as I can remember. “Wait until basketball season” was what we Kentucky fans would say, because deep down, that is what we were already doing. Sure, we had some good seasons, players drafted, bowl victories, etc., but no one ever took us seriously until these last two years. I never thought we would be able to recover from the disaster that was Joker Phillips, but here we are. There are two people responsible for this rebirth of Kentucky Football and they are Josh Allen and Benny Snell.

I came to terms with Josh Allen’s departure months ago since he is Senior. I held out hope for Benny Snell’s return though. Being just a Junior, there was a lot of speculation if he would declare for the draft or not. Today, we got out answer in the form of a heartwarming video:

I am going to miss him. In my 5 years of UK tailgates, beer always tasted better when he was in the backfield. Maybe that was just because I graduated from Natty Light to Bud Light by the time he arrived, but still. I am never going to forget the stiff-arms, the hurdles, the trucks, the #Snelfies or the “it’s ya boy, Benny Snell” voicemails at 8AM that I never knew I needed. 

Benny Snell put Kentucky on the map. He is the first person to be in serious Heisman talks from the Bluegrass since Tim Couch (the first name on the back of the Browns QB jersey). It’s amazing to see how much of an impact one person has had on an entire program. He broke records set by Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson, he was instrumental in winning games Kentucky had no business being a part of and, above all, put asses in seats and made Wildcat football watchable again. 

So, from all of us at Soft 7 Sports and the State of Kentucky, thank you, Benny Snell.

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