LA Chargers Clown Stephen A. Smith

Earlier today on ESPN’s First Take, Max Kellerman, Stephen A. Smith and Tedy Bruschi were discussing tonight’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the LA Chargers. With massive playoff implications on the line, the three began to talk about their impact players for the game. Stephen A. rattled off his players to watch with true Stephen A. confidence and boy was it cringeworthy. 

Best quality I could find.

Max was quick to correct him about Spencer Ware being ruled out for tonight, but held his tongue about Hunter Henry. If you did not know, like Stephen A. Smith, Hunter Henry has been out all season with an ACL tear. Safe to say, he will not be making an impact on tonight’s game. The best part was the look on Tedy Bruschi’s face. A true c’mon man look. But hey, Stephen A. is a smart guy and a real basketball mind. NBA is in full swing now and there is a ton of drama, so let’s give the guy a break. 

But give him a break, the Chargers did not. Wasting no time at all, the Chargers tweeted out the injury report with a couple additions. Ruling out LaDainian Tomlinson, Dan Fouts, and Lance Alworth.

This is so funny. I love Stephen A. Smith to death, but he is a little pompous and does like to talk from his high horse on a lot of subjects. It’s kinda nice to see him get clowned for a change. It’s like the nerd getting the easy math problem wrong in class. But seriously Stephen A., see who is on the Injured Reserve as well as the Injury Report and most importantly, STAY OFF THE WEED.

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