Jeff Brohm Ended Three Careers This Season

Jeff Brohm is the best coach that no one talks about. Sure, he is no Nick Saban, no one is, but this dude can coach with the best of them. Since he has taken over as a Head Coach, Brohm has never had a losing season. He has immediate impacts on schools and take them from the laughing stock of their conference to contenders that deserve respect. 

At Western Kentucky, his first Head Coaching gig, Brohm took a team from consistent sub-par performances to records of 8-5, 12-2 and 10-3 with 3 bowl victories and 2 Conference USA titles. After that, he moved on to bigger and better things at Purdue and guess what happened to WKU. They stink now. Since Brohm left, they have had records of 6-7 and 3-9. 

Jeff Brohm inherited some hot garbage in West Lafayette. In the four years leading up to his hire, the Boilermakers hadn’t won more than 3 games in any given season. Brohm led them to a bowl win in his first year. Now in his second year, Purdue is going back to a bowl game after going 6-6. I know a .500 season isn’t that impressive, but 1 of those 6 wins was a 29 point blowout to O-H, OH-NO… Ohio State (more on this later). That isn’t all from this season though. There is something that no one is talking about. That something is the fact that 3 Head Coaches no longer have jobs indirectly thanks to Jeff Brohm’s success. 

Bobby Petrino- Louisville
What a train wreck this situation was. Louisville has wanted Jeff Brohm for quite some time. They made this perfectly clear when they went all in on him after they fired Bobby Petrino. In all of his seasons with Louisville, Petrino only had one year where he won less than 8 games. That year was this year. You don’t fire a coach after one bad season unless you have a better replacement in mind. So, Louisville made room for Brohm only to have him turn it down. The decision was not handled well by Louisvillians.

Mike Sanford- Western Kentucky
Like I said before, Jeff Brohm’s tenure at WKU was the best the school has ever seen. He set a new standard for Hilltopper Football where they are expected to be contenders year in and year out. In his 2 year absence, WKU has only won 9 games including a 3-9 season this year. Mike Sanford is not living up to the WKU that once was and has been fired.

Urban Meyer- Ohio State
After failing to make the College Football Playoff, Urban Meyer announced his retirement as Head Coach of Ohio State. Urban pulled out all the stops to get the Buckeyes in the final 4. He argued their merit, resume, and even how they fought through so much adversity (THAT HE CAUSED). What what, oh what, was it that kept OSU out? Oh yeah, it was a 29 point loss to a 6-6 team. Jeff Brohm’s 6-6 team. It’s unclear whether or not Meyer would have continued to coach had he made the CFP, but I think he would have. “So after he want 82-9, went 7-0 versus Michigan and won a national title, Urban Meyer quit coaching because he got beat by Jeff Brohm despite his health concerns?” Yes. He has had health problems for a while and I think that, mixed with his the season-long controversy and most importantly missing the Playoff, was what sent him over the edge.

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