Lamar Jackson: Better Start than Tom Brady

Back by popular demand: a Lamarticle. An article about Lamar Jackson. The internet seems to have come to a consensus that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever. Not only is this ludicrous, because Drew Brees is the GOAT of all time, but Tom Brady isn’t even better than Lamar Jackson (up to their first 3 NFL starts).

Let’s start with their college careers. Brady, at Michigan, threw for 4,773 yards and was responsible for 33 touchdowns. Jackson basically did that in his sleep. Having the ability to move his legs faster than a tortoise, Lamar had 4,132 rushing yards and 50 touchdowns and threw for 9,043 yards plus another 69 (nice) touchdowns. Obviously, Lamar Jackson was better in college than Tom Brady. If those stats weren’t enough to convince you, Jackson has 1 Heisman trophy and Tom Brady has 0.

Now, let’s look at the NFL. Since, Lamar Jackson has only started 3 games, we will compare those to Tom Brady’s first three starts. Tom Brady was 2-1 in his first three games. To help him out was a Super Bowl caliber supporting cast including Kevin Faulk, Ty Law, and Tedy Bruschi. Brady had 611 total yards including 2 total touchdowns in that span. Lamar Jackson is 3-0 so far accounting for 718 total yards and 3 touchdowns. Crazy to think he has done all of this with nowhere near the amount of weapons Brady had at the Pats. 

I know a lot of Lamar Jackson’s yards and 2 of his 3 touchdowns came from rushing. Brady only had 11 yards and no TD’s. That is because Lamar Jackson is a dual threat quarterback while Tom Brady is just a pocket passer. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 2 threats for Jackson and just 1 threat for Brady. Another point to Lamar. 

Speaking of rushing yards, Tom Brady’s career stats have been embarrassing. In what seems like his 30th season (19th), he just gained his 1,000th LAST WEEK. It only took him 265 games. Lamar Jackson, on the other hand, is already at 404 rushing yards with 265 in his last three games. At this rate, he will break the 1,000 yard mark by his 12th start. 

Lamar Jackson is better than Tom Brady (after 3 starts).

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