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We Tried Our Best, UCF

This is my statement of apology to the University of Central Florida playoff effort.

I state my apology.

While I am not a UCF fan, their cause this year struck a chord with me. It made me want to fight along the fan base and try to get the Golden Knights in the College Football Playoff. I grabbed my Mac and went to war in the most dangerous battlefield on Earth, the internet comment sections. I fought valiantly in the War on the War on UCF to no avail.

UCF did nothing wrong. They won every game just like the selection committee asked them to. The committee wanted results and the Golden Knights got them. No, wait, that only applied to Oklahoma (*whisper* whose AD is on the committee). Even without McKenzie Milton, UCF still waxed a Memphis team that almost beat them in the regular season. They wanted a win versus a ranked team, UCF got two of them. One of which was against Pitt, the ACC runner-up, who I will pretend is from a good conference for this article. UCF did everything right.

I wish I could say that we lost the battle, not the war. But as it turns out, there was only one battle and we got slaughtered out there. Juice, Parmesan Don, Buck, and I are now forced to wait until next season for another round of the War on the war on UCF. UCF has been snubbed for two years in a row now, but the playoff effort is gaining supporters. Last year, it was just the UCF fans. This year it is the fans PLUS people that are so annoyed that they want UCF in just so they can lose to Bama. That’s got to count for something, right? 

I am sorry I could not do more for UCF. We did our best. At least now, all you have to do is beat LSU for another undefeated season and another claim to the National Championship*.

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