Patrick Beverley – Anger Issues? Or Justifiable Outrage?

Clippers starting point guard Patrick Beverley was ejected from a game the other night for throwing a ball at a fan.  The fan allegedly said “f*ck your mother” to Beverley, which prompted the incident.  Of course, this is shortly after an incident occurred during the game where, in a loose ball scrum, Beverley knocked out Dennis Smith Jr.’s tooth.

Boy, and I thought Chris Paul was the dirtiest point guard in the league!

All kidding aside, Pat Bev has never been the kind of player to get involved in said outbursts at any point in his career.  In fact, many said that he was the cool head in the locker room when he was on the Rockets.  What prompts this man to go from (in the wise words of YG) “balm, bool, and bollected”, to trying to fight everyone within an arm’s reach?  This is now twice this year that an LA team has had a player strike another, and we aren’t even a full 20 games into the season!

I’ll keep a good ol’ eye on the situation, and maybe dig around and see if there are any rumors floating around.  Biggest rumors I have heard is that Beverley is on the trade block, or that he’s unhappy with his playing time.  I think it’s a mix of both, but who knows, there could be another unknown reason!  Let’s just hope he curbs his own emotions before a fantastic defensive point guard gets put in the dog house.

Author: soft7buck

Just a dude with sick flow writing about his favorite things in the world...well, in the sports' world that is

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