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In a shocking move this week, Robinson Cano was traded to the New York Mets along with Edwin Diaz. The Mariners traded them for for prospects Kelenic, Justin Dunn and Gerson Bautista, along with veteran outfielder Jay Bruce and reliever Anthony Swarzak. The Mariners, besides assuming the $34 million remaining in Bruce and Swarzak’s contracts, also are chipping in $20 million. To me, the Mariners did the right thing.  The Mariners are in a process of rebuilding and they have accepted that.  The shocking part about this trade is apparently the Mets are in a win now mode, which makes no sense.  They finished 77-85 last season, which was fourth in the NL East, 11th worst in the MLB, and 5th worst in NL. Their lone star was Jacob deGrom, the Cy Young winner.  The Mets showed they aren’t stopping anytime soon, so expect them to keep on truckin with trades.  They need a deeper bullpen, a catcher, and a center fielder.  So don’t believe the rumors that they want to trade Syndergaard or deGrom.  The Mets apparently are going to try and win now (they won’t).

Major rumor in the MLB……

Well, it looks like @soft7parm is going to be excited about something in his life.  There is a report that most MLB Executives believe that Bryce Harper will return to Washington on a short term deal (which I predicted).  I truly believe there are only two teams in the race for Harper: The Phillies and the Nationals.  He is coming off of his worst year, statistically, and he is not getting the offers he thought he would.  I would not be shocked at all if he signs a 1 year deal with Washington.  I do not see him signing for more than one year, however.  

Other Rumors:

It seems that the Mets are in the driver’s seat in terms of getting Corey Kluber.  Again, it is another weird trade for the Mets, but it could work out hilariously. 

After reports that the Yankees were shopping around Gary Sanchez, Brian Cashman said “Sanchez is not for sale.” 

Harper was in Chicago with his long time friend (and soon to be free agent) Kris Bryant over the weekend.  People speculate that this is Harper coming to the Cubs, but it’s not.  He won’t, so don’t believe that.

Mariners will trade Jean Segura to the Phillies as early as today.  The young shortstop would practically put the Machado to Philly rumors to rest.  Segura is just another item for the Mariners to throw away, as they did Cano, Diaz, and Paxton, as they begin their rebuild.  

I would be shocked if Patrick Corbin does not sign with the Yankees this week.  During a wedding over the weekend, Corbin’s brother put on a Yankees hat and said “Mom and I hope you move closer to us real soon.” Corbin grew up a Yankee fan and I expect him to reach a deal shortly.  

Lastly, the Reds are the frontrunners for Dallas Keuchel.  The Reds could actually make a smart free agency move, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Astros swoop in and resign the Cy-Young winner.  

Hopefully the pieces will start falling soon.  I think Harper waits till January and Machado will sign right after him.  71 days till Pitchers and Catchers report.  

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